25 maart 2014

6 links {Engelstalige boeken}

Hieronder een paar mooie Engelstalige boeken op een rijtje voor de lezers die, net als ik, graag Engelse boeken lezen.
  1. Pursue the Intentional Life, Jean Fleming 
Do you ever wonder what your future holds? As ministry leader Jean Fleming began pondering how she could serve God with more purpose, she created Pursue the Intentional Life, a book that will help you discover how God's promises and instructions contain just what you need for the unknown days ahead.
Whether you are facing the end of something in your life, or embarking on a new beginning, this book will help you live meaningfully and intentionally in the present while preparing well for the future.
2.  A Mothers Heart, Jean Fleming
Overwhelmed by the stress of parenting?
Author Jean Fleming reveals to women what it means to be a godly mother and offers encouragement to moms of all ages and backgrounds by:
• showing women how to distinguish between their role and God’s role in raising children
• explaining how to take a spiritual inventory of a child’s life
• discussing how to pray effectively for children
3. The Excellent Wife, Martha Peace
 Een wat aparte titel voor een goed studieboek over Spreuken 31. 
4. A Woman of Wisdom, Dee Brestin (andere studieboeken van Dee zijn ook prachtig)

Based on Proverbs, this study explores ten characteristics of honorable character, including awe of God, discretion, trust, faithfulness, and honesty.

5. Making Brothers and Sisters best friends, Sarah Mally e.a. 
Brothers and sisters are among the most important people in life. The emphasis of this book is not merely "getting along" but being best friends.
6. Love that multiplies of Growing up Duggar van de Duggarfamily
Praktische opvoedadviezen van één van de bekendste christelijke families in Amerika.

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  1. Hoi Marjolein,

    The excellent wife ligt nu zo'n beetje bij de drukker, vertaald in het NL! Hou de webshop van Heartcry in de gaten, daar komt ie namelijk binnenkort te koop.
    Bedankt voor de overige links.



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